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Huobi Global Launches Platform For Automatic Token Listing

19:25 07/08/2018

Huobi representatives reported the launch of a platform for the automatic tokens placement in the listing on the official website of the exchange.


The new solution should help the teams of startups to place their assets on the exchange with less time consumption and more efficiency. Besides, the process itself will become more transparent.


Any company that has previously sent an application for placing tokens on Huobi or HADAX trading platforms should use the new exchange. Each project undergoes the procedure of registration and verification of all necessary documents. After that the company receives an exclusive account and starts applying it in further work on the exchange with its asset. Moreover, the account will provide access to reports, videos, and live broadcasts through the Huobi Blockchain Project Show Center, which will be launched later.



Huobi experts warn that if the application is rejected on HADAX, one should reapply for the placement on HADAX 2.0.


The Huobi Global team often rewards their users with new products and options. In July, such tokens as NeuroChain (NCC), Stellar (XLM), and LinkEye (LET) were added to HADAX listing. The exchange's team announced the launch of a commercial peer-to-peer trading platform for no-fee operations with cryptocurrencies and Indian rupees in India. Besides, the HBUS trading platform, the Huobi's strategic partner from San Francisco, began registering the US residents.


Huobi was founded in China in 2013 and was registered as Huobi Pro in Singapore in 2017. The company is one of the top five global trading platforms by the average daily trading volume. The main cryptocurrencies are bitcoin, ether, Litecoin, DASH. Listing includes more than one hundred cryptocurrencies.

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  1. JoePJ:
    08/07/18 at 14:06

    Nice work Huobi!
    Soon to become best crypto market trading platform!