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Hacker "Wins" 24 Times In A Row On EOS App For Betting

Published: 11/09/2018

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What is it for?

As a result of the vulnerability in the DEOSBet betting application, created on the EOS blockchain, the scammer received almost $24,000, TheNextWeb informs.


Within just an hour, a dice dApp managed by the DEOSGames platform, transferred the jackpot to the same user 24 times in a row. Thus, the account owner under the name "runningsnail" won 4728 EOS, which equals almost to $23,640.


Source: thenextweb.com


The payments were performed automatically: each time "runningsnail" deposited 10 EOS, the jackpot was transferred to its owner within 30 seconds.


The hacker managed to keep most of the winnings. Although, developers tracked the similar transactions through the EOS searching system and noticed that the unknown is already testing the vulnerability of contracts on other EOS betting applications.


The representatives of DEOSGames in their social networks confirmed that on September 9, their smart contract was affected by a virus algorithm. However, according to the developers, it was a good test to check the security of their platform.


Source: thenextweb.com


The situation with the bug on DEOSBet has not been fully clarified so far. It remains unclear whether it was a unique case for the betting dApp, or all similar EOS contracts are so vulnerable.


Seeking for the vulnerabilities of the EOS code has become quite profitable. Researchers have already attracted more than $417,000 to identify the bugs of the programs.


As previously reported, Chinese police detained three fraudsters who supposedly stole tokens worth about $87 million.

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