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Google Inc. To Allow Cryptocurrency Exchange Advertising In Japan And US

14:26 26/09/2018

The representatives of Google announced policy updates with regard to certain financial products and services related to cryptocurrency activities. As such, it will be possible to advertise crypto exchange services in the United States and Japan, according to Google’s official page.


Advertisers wishing to place ads on Google have to send a certification application specifying a particular country where they plan to start their advertising campaign.


In October, they will have an opportunity to send the applications following the updated rules that will be applied to all the states that advertise financial products and services related to the exchange of cryptocurrencies. The updates information is available to the general public in a special section.


In spring 2018, Google began to ban the advertising campaigns promoting crypto assets and ICOs, following the analogous decision made by Facebook. Such measures were introduced because dishonest advertisers could place inaccurate information, hence many users could become victims of fraud.


However, Facebook lifted some bans on crypto ads in June, and a month later, an ad promoting American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase appeared in Google search results.


As previously reported, the representatives of the Brave blockchain browser filed a lawsuit against Google accusing the corporation of violations in the sphere of personal data protection.

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