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Japanese Giant GMO Internet Launches Online Trading Platform For Bitcoin

Published: 11/09/2018

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What is it for?

The team of the Japanese technological corporation GMO Internet announced the launch of the online trading platform for cryptocurrency transactions through its subsidiary GMO Coin, Bitcoin.com reports.


The online service will display a complete order list, which allows traders to perform transactions and analyze information about the demand and offer of other investors. At the moment, users can trade only bitcoin.


The platform does not charge funds withdrawal fee and maker commission. Taker fee is equal to 0.01% of a transaction. The limit for the maximum order amount is two bitcoins, and the daily trading limit is 1000 BTC. The platform’s leverage is ten times more than funds available on the user's account.


A few days earlier, the GMO team published a monthly report on the August mining results. The company's total hashrate reached 459 PH/s. Thus, GMO managed to mine almost 3000 BTC. The hashrate increased after the creation of new mining farms, as well as after the introduction of third-party equipment, GMO representatives claimed. According to them, this figure will increase to 800 PH/s by the end of 2018.


As previously reported, the GMO Internet team intends to change the economic policy and focus on selling mining equipment. 

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GMO cryptocurrency exchange

  1. HunterM77:
    09/11/18 at 08:00

    Well this platform is still only on the development part, so it will take time for it to become bigger and allow more traders to enter it. However, I will hold my sight on it for a bit, cause it's nice that they don't have withdrawal fee.

  2. Vitonio:
    09/11/18 at 08:52

    oh, it has really good conditions. Especially, if we take into account the fact that it gives such leverage