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Capitalization Of Hosting For Blockchain Projects GitLab Exceeds $1 Billion

18:07 24/09/2018

GitLab became another member of the Unicorn club after the Series D round of funding, during which they managed to raise $100 million, Devops.com reports.



The capitalization of GitLab exceeded $1 billion, while the last round of financing was led by ICONIQ Capital.


The members of the Unicorn club are the startups, each with the total capitalization exceeding $1 billion. For the first time, the well-known venture capitalist Aileen Lee applied the name Unicorn in 2013.  


GitLab has been actively attracting customers since the beginning of June when Microsoft acquired GitHub, a web service for hosting of IT projects. Many GitHub supporters criticized such a decision and began to switch to GitLab. Besides, the representatives of the latter made some services free.


GitLab specialists stress the fact that their company cannot be considered an analog of GitHub, as they pursue goals that are more ambitious. GitLab aims to develop universal analogs of DevOps tools.


Sid Sijbrandij, GitLab CEO, believes that a new method of creating successful software was found through the company's work. Currently, the GitLab hosting has an entire army of software developers who share their ideas every day. The results of this work can be observed every month.


As previously reported, the crypto trading platform Seed CX managed to raise $15 million

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