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Third Part Of British Ready To Receive Salary In Cryptocurrency

13:33 03/08/2018

Sage company, a British developer of software solutions for enterprise management, carried out a study to find out the number of people, who agree to receive salaries in cryptocurrency.


The survey was conducted using the Google Surveys service. It involved 1000 people, 31% of whom expressed their willingness to receive the whole salary or part of it in cryptocurrency.


Most of these people (37%) would prefer to be paid in cryptocurrency. 11% agree to get up to 80% of salary in digital assets, and 15% of respondents are ready to receive their wages exclusively in cryptocurrency. The study showed that men agreed to get paid in cryptocurrency three times more often than women. Besides, such a willingness is often expressed by the youth, rather than respondents older than 34 years. Only 5% of the respondents of pre-retirement age agree on such conditions.


Some experts of the financial market questioned the reliability of the study based on Google Surveys, as it involved not the target audience but all Internet users, which may not know what the cryptocurrency is.


As previously reported, the research of the analytical company IW Capital has shown that 38% of the UK residents are poorly versed in technology, which is the basis of cryptocurrency, and only 5% of the interviewees received profit from investments in cryptocurrency.

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What is it for?
  1. L_PERRY:
    08/03/18 at 07:49

    I think, they prefer to receive the part of salary in crypto just for accumulation

  2. Marv Harrisson:
    08/03/18 at 08:46

    I want to receive me salary in btc
    I think , it is a great idea because many people can make a choise

  3. LloydTheo:
    08/03/18 at 14:14

    Hehe, I would like to recieve my salary in bitcoins at 2014)