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Team Of Gate.io Crypto Exchange Adds DX Tokens To Its Listing

20:48 08/08/2018

The team of a crypto trading platform Gate.io added DxChain (DX) tokens to its listing, according to the exchange's website.


The DX trading is available from August 8, 4:00 (UTC).


The DxChain project is a decentralized blockchain-based data-processing network for business analysis, which includes machine learning algorithms. The project was founded by a group of 14 Chinese developers. The main functions of the DxChain network are the storage and processing of big data. The project's team developed its own blockchain, as well as software for storing tokens and conducting transactions with them.


DX Tokens are designed to operate within the network, conduct transactions, and function as a reward for users providing their computing resources or supporting the platform's operation. The total amount of tokens to be issued is 100 billion, 300 million of which are intended for sale during ICO. At the moment, only 25% of the total coins number is issued. The cost of one token is approximately $0.0014. The developers hope to launch the working version of the platform by the end of 2019.


ICO of the DxChain project was held from July 9 to August 1, 2018, during which the team raised $4 million.


As previously reported, on August 7, the cryptocurrency trading platform Bit-Z added to its listing the digital currency GSE for trading in pairs with ether and bitcoins. The day before, the exchange stopped supporting three tokens — LTC, MCO, and NULS.

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