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FedEx Starts Collaboration With Hyperledger

21:55 27/09/2018

FedEx, a large logistics company from the US, became a participant in the Hyperledger blockchain project, according to a press release. The initiative has already united more than 270 partners with the goal to introduce blockchain technologies in various spheres of production and services.


As FedEx executive representative Kevin Humphries commented on the event, the company will explore the technology in practice and will help to establish standards for using blockchain in the industry together with Hyperledger. He added that the technology is very important for the sphere of logistics, transportation, and supply chains.


The Linux Foundation organized the project in 2015. During this time, such leaders of the computer industry as IBM and Intel, as well as investment giant J.P.Morgan joined Hyperledger. Together with FedEx, 13 new participants joined the project, including Honeywell, the American corporation for the production of aerospace equipment.


Hyperledger CEO Brian Behlendorf stated, “Tech giants such as Google, Amazon, or Facebook will undoubtedly pick up blockchain and generate business models from it. However, I think that the core of blockchain — as a decentralized technology — will diminish [their] market power.”


Source: https://www.hyperledger.org/


Earlier, United Parcel Service (UPS), the US express delivery company with a 110-year history, announced its intention to switch to blockchain. The UPS team filed a patent for a technology that distributes goods in the supply chain between states with the participation of several entities.


Besides, Walmart intends to use blockchain to supply greens to supermarkets.

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