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Qtum Mainnet Becomes Available To Exodus Crypto Wallet Users

00:20 07/08/2018

The Exodus cryptocurrency wallet, supporting more than 90 tokens, now runs on the Qtum platform. Users will get access to the mainnet network of Qtum, and also will be able to store their digital assets in the Ignition cryptocurrency.


Qtum is a decentralized platform for smart contracts involving more than 6300 nodes around the world to validate transactions. In October 2017, the team swapped to its own mainnet network, which made users exchange their no more applicable ERC20 tokens for Ignition Tokens. At the moment, the capitalization of the redesigned cryptocurrency is about $720 thousand, while the token's price amounts to around $0.8.



Source: CoinMarketCap


Implementing the Qtum blockchain in the new 1.57.0 version allows the Exodus team to improve digital wallet security. Previously, private keys were stored in an unencrypted CSV file on the client’s desktop, providing access to digital assets for unauthorized users. According to the developers, the wallets of those who did not delete the files after the use were especially vulnerable. Now the system shows a single-time code that users should copy and save in a convenient place.


Also the developers simplified the work with the report on errors (Safe Report). It is a creeping line representing a list of typical questions that a user might have when working with the wallet. The team added a new button, allowing to find the solution immediately, without scrolling through the entire list.


The Exodus crypto wallet has been functioning for more than two years. Among its main advantages are the convenient interface with charts for tracking cryptocurrency rates and an extensive listing with 91 positions. In future, the developers plan to add other tokens to the list.

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