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Robinhood Adds Ethereum Classic To Its Listing

10:58 08/08/2018

The representatives of Robinhood, an app for free access to exchange trading, announced in their blog about adding the cryptocurrency Ethereum Classic (ETC) to the listing.


Currently, over 5 million app users can carry out Ethereum Classic trading operations without fees. The Robinhood app is available to customers in 19 US states. The last to receive access to the services of the application were the citizens of the state of Georgia.



After this event, the Ethereum Classic price began to increase steadily. According to CoinMarketCap, the price of the cryptocurrency was $17.15 on August 6 at 08:34 (UTC), and it reached $20.58, a maximum for the last three months, on August 7 at 02:44 (UTC).


Screenshot of Ethereum Classic chart on CoinMarketCap


Subsequently, on August 7 at 06:59 (UTC), the price fell to $18.63. The market capitalization volume amounts to $1.92 billion.


Recently, Ethereum Classic specialists have introduced new developments. In late June, the Radex crypto exchange was launched, which operates without fees and exchanges ERC223 tokens in cooperation with the Saturn Network startup. The first version of the Emerald wallet was launched almost simultaneously.


It should be noted that the addition of the Ethereum Classic cryptocurrency to the Robinhood listing has occured almost immediately after the listing of Dogecoin and Litecoin.


As previously reported, the Robinhood mobile app was developed in 2013 for trading stocks and exchange-traded funds. At the beginning of 2018, some cryptocurrencies became trading tools, and the platform got a web version. However, initially, the main cryptocurrencies were bitcoin and ether.

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    08/08/18 at 08:33

    yeah, step by step, step by step every crypto should introduce something new