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Ebang Communication Introduces New Mining Equipment

12:55 26/09/2018

The team of the Chinese company Ebang Communication, one of the leading manufacturers of crypto equipment, demonstrated a number of new mining devices within the international event World Digital Mining in Tbilisi, Bitcoin.com reports.


The new series is called Ebit Miner E-11. The developers presented three devices: E11 with a speed of 30 trillion hashes per second (30TH/s), E11+ with 37 TH/s, and the most powerful modern device E11++ with a speed of 44TH/s. All miners are based on 10-nm process technology.


Source: Ebang


Ebang devices can compete with Bitmain, other large mining equipment manufacturer. In the capital of Georgia, Bitmain specialists presented their Antminer BM1391, an ASIC miner based on 7-nm process technology. The most powerful Ebang 2J/TH miner outperforms BM1391. As of today, both these crypto mining machines can be considered the most productive in the world.


It is possible to call such models as GMOs B3, Whatsminer M10, and some others their competitors in the market but only in the price range, because their speed varies from 24TH/s to 33TH/s. All these models use the next-generation chips in their operation.


Analysts at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. stress that manufacturers such as Ebang Communication can seize the initiative from Bitmain, the leader in the mining equipment market, because of the drop in bitcoin's rate. Moreover, Ebang executives announced plans to enter the IPO market in June this year.

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