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In June 2018 DX Crypto Exchange To Be Launched On NASDAQ Infrastructure Basis

Published: 15/05/2018

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What is it for?

In June this year, DX Exchange based on NASDAQ infrastructure will be launched. Trading there will be carried out with zero commissions.


DX Exchange will offer options to purchase crypto with fiat money, token-to-token trading, and conversion of coins back to fiat with a withdrawal option.


Initially, the company expects to add to its listiong six cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, ether, and Litecoin. There are plans to add another 20-25 coins and tokens that are really worthy.


When cooperating with the exchange, NASDAQ demands the best operation quality and compliance with legislative regulations in order to avoid any errors and fake trading volumes.


Largely due to these standards, DX Exchange received a trading license in Estonia and on Cyprus. The company seeks to obtain a license in the US and negotiates with regulatory agencies of the country. Residents from the United States will not be admitted to trading prior to obtaining the license.


As previously reported, Gemini crypto exchange announced the cooperation with NASDAQ stock exchange.

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