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Satoshi Nakamoto Mines 700,000 BTC: BitMEX Research

14:12 21/08/2018

The specialists of BitMEX, one of the largest crypto exchange, came to the conclusion that the miner who dominated in the bitcoin network throughout 2009 (presumably Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator or a group of creators of bitcoin protocol) managed to earn about 700,000 BTC.


According to the results published in the company's personal blog, the study was based on the data from Sergio Lerner, one of the founders of the blockchain company RSK Labs, who claimed that in 2009 there was one major miner who received about 1 million BTC. The experts from BitMEX state that the Lerner's system was quite accurate, but it cannot answer the main question — was there only one miner?


Source: BitMEX Research, Bitcoin blockchain


With a more detailed study, it becomes clear that there is no mechanism which could name the exact number of miners and the number of bitcoins they received in 2009, BitMEX reported. The researchers suggested that the most probable amount of BTC, which managed to mine Satoshi Nakamoto, is from 600 to 700 thousand coins. At the same time, it is also impossible to determine whether the bitcoin creator was the dominant miner.


Source: Bitslog


As previously reported, Bitcoin’s price was corrected to a critical level of $6000 on Tuesday, August 14. Nevertheless, a growing hashrate indicates that many miners still consider bitcoin mining profitable and remain in business.


Besides, the sponsors of the Eastern Economic Forum, which will take place in Amur region, announced the release of a special cryptocurrency called AmurCoin.

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  1. Sarka:
    08/21/18 at 08:43

    therefore Satoshi was and is the "owner" of BTC blockchain , as it has the biggest amount in one hands. So the fate of BTC in these hands

  2. Macias_Angie:
    08/21/18 at 10:14

    of course , I mining btc every day , because I believe that btc is future ...

  3. Orlando Pena:
    08/23/18 at 09:29

    I start to think about why I didn't start to mining btc a few years ago