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Developers Present Bitcoin Core Version 0.17.0

09:49 04/10/2018

Specialists have released an updated extended version Bitcoin Core 0.17.0, on which they’ve worked for more than six months, according to the company's official Twitter account.



There are some new features in the software update presented by one of the most well-known bitcoin clients. The service's performance is improved, and bugs are fixed.


In the previous version 0.15.0, users were allowed to open several wallets for different needs only at the time of creating a new node. Version 0.17.0 makes it possible to open wallets at any time. New function Scantxoutset allows checking the availability of funds in a new crypto wallet.


Bitcoin Core users have been able to create deterministic HD wallets starting from version 0.13.0. Those who updated the wallet before this were denied such an opportunity, but currently this problem has been fixed.


Bitcoin Core 0.17.0 supports the BIP 174 software, providing the ability to sign operations by adding data, which another client can use to complete them. Moreover, with this feature, users can lock their assets to protect them.


The volume of the Bitcoin network is steadily increasing, so the blockchain uses a function eliminating the need to keep a history of all monetary transactions since the creation of the first cryptocurrency. Previously, access to this function was provided via the command line, and now it is carried out through a graphical interface.


All the new features of the Bitcoin Core 0.17.0 release are presented in the hosting for IT-projects GitHub.


It was previously reported on the release of the EOSIO version 1.3.0.

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