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Hacker Extorts Cryptocurrency From Visitors Of Pornsites

19:03 10/08/2018

A scammer demanded bitcoins from visitors of porn websites and threatened to disclose their personal data, Bitcoin Whos Who reports.


The hacker sent letters to his potential victims and demanded a certain bitcoin amount, which ranged from $2500 to $15,500. Otherwise, the scammer threatened to share all information about their visiting porn websites to friends and relatives.


It followed from the letter, that the hacker installed a malicious program on the website and got access to visitors' computer and camera, and then found contacts and email addresses of the blackmailed people on social networks.


The attacker gave the people he blackmailed three days, so that they make a payment to his crypto wallet, and promised to destroy compromising information afterwards. However, not a single person transferred the funds.


Source: Bitcoin Whos Who


The scammers started to make similar attempts last year, the amount of required funds increased all the time, but judging by the wallets provided by the blackmailers, nobody fell for this trick.


Earlier, the federal court of New York has appointed about $1.5 million in fine and more than $400,000 as payment of damages from crypto scam in the course of a trial against Dillon Michael Dean and his firm, The Entrepreneurs Headquarters Limited.


The Wall Street Journal published a study in which experts claim that fluctuations in prices of cryptos in 2018 are caused by the speculations of traders. Schemes of manipulation of the crypto exchange rate brought scammers $825 million for the past six months.

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