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Hacker Cracks "Unhackable" McAfee’s Crypto Wallet

21:02 14/08/2018

Andrew Tierney, a crypto enthusiast and security consultant at Pen Test Partners, hacked John McAfee's Bitfi wallet, transferred assets from it, and reported this in his Twitter account.  


The access to the crypto wallet was obtained two weeks earlier, and the Bitfi’s work was monitored during this time. Tierney, known under the name Cybergibbons, and his companions intercepted the data that was transmitted from the crypto wallet, and then sent funny messages to the Bitfi screen.


The main thing was that the crypto wallet was connected to the servers and continued to work, despite the serious interference, Tierney stated. After some time, hackers found the ability to send Bitfi’s private keys and code to a remote server using the Netcat system.


Eventually, the hackers claimed to get the promised $100,000 award by John McAfee, which he promised to anyone who could hack his crypto wallet. Thus, the developer of the anti-virus software McAfee sought to demonstrate the security of Bitfi.


Attempts to break into the McAfee’s crypto wallet have been undertaken repeatedly. A 15-year-old teenager Salem Rashid posted a video in his Twitter account, which demonstrates the launch of the DOOM video game on Bitfi. In the profile information, Rashid introduced himself as a "bitcoin hardware wallet breaker" and a "adversarial thinker" of security research.


As previously reported, a hacker posted an announcement about the sale of software for hacking bitcoin ATMs. With its help, attackers can steal more than $6500 in bitcoins.

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    08/15/18 at 10:27

    nothing is impossible!

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    08/17/18 at 11:22

    John McAfee is very opinionated