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Crypto Community: Authorities Have To Promote Blockchain Development

22:07 26/09/2018

Developers and blockchain companies hope that the US government will promote the technology adoption in the country, as follows from an IBM report compiled by Thomas Hardjono, the chief of the MIT Trust: Data Consortium.

The document presents the outcome of several roundtables organized by the so-called Blockchain Congress. Its participants included legislators from the US Congress who are engaged in the technology promotion. In the course of the meetings, enthusiasts considered the possible application of blockchain and tried to figure out ways to implement these solutions as soon as possible.


The Congress representatives focused on issues of digital identity, blockchain-based payments, as well as the use of technology in logistics chains and goods tracking. Based on the report, companies and developers believe that blockchain will become the foundation of the next generation economy.


"It is imperative that government and industry work together to continue and strengthen technological and market leadership in this new area, and to address potential policy and regulatory incompatibility that may constrain the growth of the emerging digital-blockchain economy," the document states.

The Congress participants recognized the government as the leader in the development of the US crypto industry. They also believe it is necessary to carry out more research in the blockchain field and to launch more test developments.


It is mentioned that employees of Ripple, Linux, IBM, the US National Institute of Standards and Technology along with representatives of funds and banks attended the roundtables.

Recently, a large American company Walmart has reported that it uses blockchain to supply leafy greens to supermarkets.

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