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New ConsenSys Blockchain Course To Be Available In Mobile App

Published: 08/09/2018

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What is it for?

ConsenSys, a New York blockchain startup, is launching training courses on distributed ledger technology (DLT) together with the Coursera platform. According to the official blog of the educational project, blockchain can make a breakthrough in all spheres of life, although many still do not know anything about it.


The course "Blockchain: Foundations And Use Cases" will allow students to learn the fundamental principles of the technology, as well as understand how DLT changes this or that sphere and can help in solving of particular problems. The program is designed for participants with different levels of knowledge, including students without technical education. It is reported that the course will be available in the official mobile app of the training platform.


Besides, the representatives of Coursera stress that the technology is currently at the peak of popularity, and blockchain specialists are the most popular employees in the freelance market. The organizers of the courses promise that participants will be able to apply their skills in practice and receive a certificate from ConsenSys Academy.



ConsenSys Academy's training department previously launched educational programs for developers. The company hired 35 of 55 graduates of one of such courses.


Higher educational institutions are gradually introducing DLT into educational programs. At the end of August, the University of Malta together with the regulator established a €300,000 scholarship fund for future blockchain specialists.


As previously reported, state blockchain courses started in South Korea. Moreover, local authorities allocated funds from the country's budget for specialists’ training.

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