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Coinbase Exchange Determines Listing Procedure For New Cryptocurrencies

18:10 26/09/2018

The American crypto exchange Coinbase presented the procedure for listing of new cryptocurrencies, as reported by the platform representatives on Twitter.



The new rules allow the fast listing of cryptocurrencies, which comply with the standards of the trading platform, as well as the legal and regulatory acts of a country. The exchange's customers will have the opportunity to use tools for finding, trading, and using of cryptocurrencies.


Users of the crypto exchange repeatedly expressed their wish to include new digital assets to the listing, and the Coinbase team met the interests of its customers. Assets will be added only after passing through all security procedures. Employees of the trading platform warn that not all cryptocurrencies can be available to users due to non-compliance with the laws of a country.


Representatives of projects seeking to add their assets to the Coinbase listing should fill in the form on the exchange's website. However, the platform can add the most trustworthy cryptocurrencies to its listing independently without considering an application. Another innovation is the placement of various educational content and support tools for crypto trading on the website of the exchange.


Currently, the Coinbase listing includes bitcoin, ether, Ethereum Classic, and Litecoin, while the platform experts are considering the possibility of expanding the listing with a few more assets.


As previously reported, Coinbase developed a plan with the help of which it intends to make the exchange a more reliable platform for crypto storing and trading.

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