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Coinbase Adds Instant Trading Function And Increases Daily Limit

17:32 10/08/2018

The cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase's team publicly announced the daily trading limit increase as well as the new function of instant transactions for users who replenish the accounts in dollars using bank transfers, according to the company's blog.


The developers revealed that the daily limit for trading funds is now $25,000. They explained that previously new users had to wait for a few days after registration before they could conduct transactions on the exchange. Verified clients were also forced to waste time until their bank could complete and confirm requested operations.


To solve the problems, Coinbase now has a new function of instant loans for funds sent from a user's bank account.


Innovations will come into force within a period of the next month for the US residents. Only those clients who have completed the identity verification procedure on the exchange can take advantage of the new services. The representatives of Coinbase promised to open access to new functions for non-US residents in the near future.



Crypto platform Coinbase is considered one of the largest exchanges in the world and has about 20 million users. This is a universal trading platform for exchanging and storing digital assets, which has a convenient interface. You can make deposits on the exchange using a bank card, transfer or payment system, depending on the country. Verification of the person is a mandatory procedure at Coinbase. 

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