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Citowise Cryptocurrency Wallet Adds Credit Card Support

01:46 08/08/2018

Citowise developers added the possibility of buying bitcoin and ether via Visa/Mastercard and American Express cards, according to the official blog of the project.


Crypto wallet users will have to pass an identification procedure of the KYC/AML system, powered by an Estonian startup Transcoin. Customers can tether a maximum of four cards to the wallet, and the amount of money limit should not exceed €32,000 within one month.


Users will be able to purchase bitcoins and ethers within the integrated payment zone in euros SEPA, which allows spending €40,000 during the day and sets a monthly limit of €200,000. If a client needs to buy cryptocurrency over the limit, there is an option of submitting an individual application.


Citowise customers have been requesting the developers to allow purchasing cryptocurrency within the platform for a long time. For them, it is much easier to store their funds inside the application, rather than to use the services of crypto exchanges — which are often susceptible to hacker attacks, according to Citowise representative Aleksandr Kents.



Specialists improved the wallet’s security function — now the keys remain only on the client’s side. Also, hardware wallets Trezor and Ledger are integrated with the app. With the help of ICO List, Citowise users can purchase tokens with minimum time, as well as participate in the initial coin offerings. The representatives of the crypto wallet say that they will not stop now, as they plan to expand the listing of cryptocurrencies with Litecoin, Ripple, NEO, and others.


As previously reported, mobile crypto wallets can be considered an excellent means for daily purchases, as they offer fast transactions. At the same time, they have a significant drawback of being vulnerable to hacker attacks.

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