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WeChat Bans More Than 30 Accounts About Cryptos

Published: 11/09/2018

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What is it for?

The Chinese messenger WeChat continues to ban accounts providing information about crypto activity, Coindesk reports. The blocking referred to those distributing content about sales for bitcoin miners and analytical data of the crypto market.


The official account of the mining company Bitmain "antminersale" was banned in the messenger on September 10. According to the notice from the WeChat team, they considered complaints from the users and found that "antminersale" provides information about crypto projects supported by Bitmain, though not being licensed.


However, another Bitmain account — "antminer_official", concerning the mining equipment, is still available in the messenger.


Moreover, the admin of the Goldcoins account, which shared data about the crypto market during the last nine months, was banned on September 8-9.


The account of Delphy, the Ethereum-based blockchain project for predictions, was also closed on September 10. Such measures were taken after Tencent, the holding company managing the WeChat app, discovered several accounts in China that allegedly spread information for ICO on the messenger platform.


Currently, more than 30 accounts related to blockchain technologies and digital currencies are banned.


As previously reported, the Chinese search engine Baidu followed the example of Tencent and blocked online forums related to cryptocurrencies

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  1. Vitonio:
    09/11/18 at 10:37

    Nothing is weird. Chine would block it on all levels , if it really decided like that