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Cheboksary Resident Loses $20,000 Because Of Bitcoin Scam

Published: 12/09/2018

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What is it for?

Scammers lured 1.5 million rubles ($20,000) from a 39-year-old resident of Cheboksary (Republic of Chuvashia), the press office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Chuvash Republic informs.


On September 9, the woman filed a complaint to the police about fraud. According to it, she noticed the online advertising inviting to make money on the exchange trades. Hoping for a significant profit from online trading, she followed the link, filled out the form, left the contacts, copies of the personal documents, and a bank card number.


Later, the scammers contacted the Cheboksary resident and suggested her to buy bitcoins, which would increase her income soon. To do this, she had to transfer her funds to several bank accounts dictated by the fraudsters.


Having pawned her car and a two-room apartment, the woman got six microloans that were equal to 1.5 million rubles and transferred the funds to the given accounts.


When the scammers stopped contacting the woman, she realized that she had become a victim of fraud, and appealed to the law enforcement authorities.


The identities of the fraudsters are not established so far. The only thing that the law enforcement officers managed to find out is that scammers are outside of the Chuvash Republic.


As previously reported, only 3% of Russians are ready to invest their funds in cryptocurrencies. 

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BTC scam

  1. henrypatel:
    09/12/18 at 07:29

    Where to hell this republic is and why they have 20 000 dollars to spend?)