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Coinbase Hires Charles Schwab Advisor

19:56 03/10/2018

Advisor Chris Dodds at Charles Schwab, a Californian banking and brokerage firm, has become a member of the Coinbase board of directors, according to the crypto exchange’s official blog.


This decision can be considered part of the Coinbase’s strategy to expand its financial services, for the company moves on to the next stage not only considering its overall development, but it is also a breakthrough for the entire crypto sphere, Brian Armstrong, executive director of Coinbase, stated.


Chris Dodds is a senior advisor at the Charles Schwab Corporation and has more than thirty years of experience in the financial industry. He will undeniably demonstrate his leadership skills in finance, share in-depth industry knowledge and accounting experience. All the aforementioned qualities will bring significant benefits to Coinbase, as the company aims to make its business more large-scale, Armstrong added.


Jonathan Kellner, former executive director at the brokerage firm Instinet, has joined the Coinbase team as well. He will be responsible for institutional sales in the new Coinbase office based in New York.


Asiff Hirji, Chief Operating Officer of the cryptocurrency company, introduced Jonathan Kellner in the new position, and said that he would play an invaluable role in forming a package of institutional crypto trading solutions for professional investors. These include hedge funds, banks, asset managers, and family offices.

As previously reported, investment attractiveness of Coinbase can grow to $8 billion.

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