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TV For Bitcoin Mining Is Presented In China

22:13 03/08/2018

Canaan Creative (China) presented the world's first TV with built-in mining equipment for bitcoins. AvalonMiner Inside can process 2.8 MH/s.

According to the developers, Avalon TV has built-in AI and it can calculate the profitability of crypto mining in real time. Besides, the TV set has a voice control option. For the cryptocurrency mined in the Canaan network, users can buy entertainment content and gifts.

Canaan Creative is the second largest producer of mining equipment in the world. Over the past year, the team has sold 300,000 units of Avalon equipment, mainly to the US and Sweden. Since 2013, the company has been developing graphics cards for the crypto mining.

Canaan Creative managers believe that Avalon TV will bring closer the era of blockchain and artificial intelligence. The company plans to produce other home appliances on blockchain.

According to bitcoin analysts, the release of Avalon TV is likely to be an advertising trick. It would be much more useful to integrate the miners into the TV sets of existing popular brands, the experts state.

Recently, Canaan Creative applied for an initial public offering (IPO), intending to receive $1 billion from sales. Prior to that, the company was seeking to enter global exchanges but abandoned its attempt because of increased supervision by regulators.

As previously reported, the operation of the Vietnamese miners might be stopped

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What is it for?
  1. Rebekka Simpson:
    08/06/18 at 10:24

    who wats to give me TV?)

  2. Steven Everett:
    08/07/18 at 10:38

    I want to buy a few TV)