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Canaan Creative Miners Manufacturer Releases 7-nm Chip Device

21:37 10/08/2018

The team of Canaan Creative, a manufacturer of mining devices, introduced a new equipment for digital currency production that is unique due to the built-in chip made on a 7-nm technical process, Bitcoin.com reports.


Canaan became the first company to introduce a miner with such a chip — Avalonminer A9. The installation demonstrates productive capacity of 70 watts per terahash, and hashrate of 30 TH/s.


Jianan Yun Chi Tu Songhua, Canaan's director of public relations, stated that 7-nm technical process allows to get better results combining good profitability and low energy costs. He noted that the mass production of such chips, which are leading in the global industry of repetitive computing, began in Jianan.



Source: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/


In addition, representatives of the company showed several devices for mining. Among them, the Avalonminer L, an instrument for Litecoin mining, whose performance is 0.84 watts on megahash, the hashrate is 1.891 MH/s. Also Canaan developed the Avaloninside TV that can mine bitcoins, with a built-in 16-nm ASIC chip. The device has a capacity of 2.8 TH/s, and the power consumption is 100 watts per terahash.


As representatives of the company have informed, they are striving to build an initial infrastructure for creating smart houses with artificial intelligence and home appliances that are capable of conducting cloud mining and participating in calculations. Soon, the company developers intend to demonstrate a home heater equipped with a mining chip.


As previously reported, the team of a cloud information storage platform, Microsoft Azure, announced the service pack that allows to work with Ethereum network in the field of corporate businesses. 

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