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Head Of Blockchain Browser Brave Finds GDPR Rules Acceptable For US

10:30 03/10/2018

Brendan Eich, executive director of the blockchain browser Brave, addressed an open letter to members of the US Senate, encouraging them to adopt new rules for personal data protection by analogy with European standards. The message is published on the Brave website.


The head of Brave proposes senators to take the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), applicable within the European Union, as the basis for a future regulatory document.


For the first time, the regulation was proposed by the European Commission in 2012, but it was adopted only on May 25 of this year. The primary aim of the document is to create uniform requirements for the regulation of personal data, its reliable protection, and storage.


Brendan Eich believes that the principles of the European regulation fully comply with the legal framework relating to privacy issues in the United States. According to the head of Brave, the GDPR can be considered as universal rules that create equal conditions for the development of large companies and new innovative startups.


Some analysts believe that the GDPR principles are contrary to the idea of blockchain technology. Information, contained in a distributed ledger, is immutable and it cannot be deleted, but these rules make it possible to revise or delete personal data.


In September, the blockchain browser representatives filed a lawsuit against Google. The Brave staff members argued that Google and the advertising technology industry steadily and flagrantly violate personal data protection when publishing online ads.

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