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Blockstream Introduces Block Explorer For Liquid Sidechain

19:53 03/08/2018

The specialists of Blockstream, which develops blockchain-based products, reported on the creation of a block data explorer for the Liquid sidechain.


Users can monitor block data and perform transaction cross checks with the help of the Liquid Block Explorer website. Bitcoins must be pegged to the Liquid network, then a client creates an address in the Liquid Wallet and makes a deposit in bitcoins. After that, the operation data is available in the Liquid Explorer.


Besides, information on the time of the operation beginning on the network, the number of transaction confirmations, and the fee amount is provided on the website. The data also includes the address, to which the bitcoin transaction is pegged, the address of the Liquid sidechain, the amount in BTC, and other technical information.


Clients need to use their own full node to confirm a successful monetary transaction in order to secure their funds.


Liquid Block Explorer can be used as a troubleshooting tool in transaction monitoring. If the operation occurs but does not appear in the wallet, information on the person having a problem, the sender, or the recipient will be on the website.


As previously reported, cash operations in Liquid sidechain are conducted using the Confidential Transactions technology.


Thanks to the technology, the number of funds transferred and the asset type can be seen only by the transaction participants or by the third parties if they are given permission.

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  1. LloydTheo:
    08/03/18 at 14:05

    So we finally getting to the point where crypto is going to mobile versions!
    Sounds quite interesting.