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Bittrex Launches New Crypto Exchanges In Europe And Updates Listing

22:34 06/08/2018

In July, Bittrex representatives entered into the agreement with fintech company invest.com to develop a joint trading platform aimed at customers from EU countries. The platform will operate under the invest.com trademark.


Besides, the experts of Bittrex exchange announced the creation of a new trading and banking platform in cooperation with Palladium in Malta. Palladium will offer customers access to digital assets and tokens that are supported by the Bittrex technology.


In July, the team of the Bittrex crypto exchange added new tokens to its listing, including Loom Network (LOOM), Mainframe (MFT), Bankex (BKX), Refereum (RFR). Adding to the list usually occurs when the token has been thoroughly tested and proved compliance with the standards of the exchange.


Bittrex has announced the operation of a 24-hour chat for ICYMI customers in order to provide them fast and reliable support. Users can receive answers to their questions within two minutes.


The representatives of the trading platform will take part in the next thematic events: Chicago Blockchain Conference on August 9, the Forum Token in Seattle on the same day, the FinTech Week Silicon Valley conference (San Francisco) on August 13-16, and Blockchain Futurist Conference (Toronto) on August 15.


Bittrex, an American crypto exchange, was founded in 2014, offering the main cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ether, and Tether for trading. 

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