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New Ecosystem From BitTorrent To Give Tokens As Award For File Sharing

17:25 03/10/2018

The team of the well-known file hosting company presented Atlas, the joint development of BitTorrent and the blockchain startup TRON. It is stated in the company's blog that the new project is aimed to create a global ecosystem for sharing computer resources using cryptocurrencies.


Justin Sun, the founder of TRON and owner of BitTorrent, stated that Atlas will use an internal token and more than 100 million customers will be able to exchange it for the network resources.


Source: TRON / BitTorrent


In particular, some users will be able to receive token rewards from other customers for sharing files in the torrent client, thereby significantly increasing the speed when downloading large files, according to the BitTorrent developers.


This initiative will extend the life of torrent files, as users will receive tokens for storing seed files after downloading.


Moreover, the Atlas ecosystem eliminates the need for mining. It is possible to mine coins within the network only using the resources that users share with each other. The project is developed on the Proof-of-stake protocol, according to which participants receive awards depending on their experience and the existing share in cryptocurrencies.



Justin Sun stressed that Atlas won’t have intermediaries, like miners in the Bitcoin network, and content creators will be authorized to transfer files directly to customers.


The team calls its project the “evolution” of the BitTorrent protocol, which is simpler and faster to use. The developers are planning to release both desktop and mobile versions of the solution.


As previously reported, Justin Sun, the creator of the Tron blockchain, acquired BitTorrent, then several employees left their positions at the file-sharing team.

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