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BitTorrent’s Top Management Said To Quit After Justin Sun Bought Company

12:51 23/08/2018

It’s been a month since Justin Sun, the founder of the Tron protocol, acquired BitTorrent, when five of the company's employees left their positions — including representatives of top management. Their dismissal is related to the discontent with the new BitTorrent owner, as well as with the management appointed by him, Coindesk reports referring to the sources about the case. 


According to the news report, three employees left voluntarily, and two others were dismissed. As the sources specify, the general manager and head of the marketing department left the company. Middle-level managers can not formally leave the firm until the contract for 18 months expires.


BitTorrent team includes no more than 50 people. The employees are worried about the expansion, which can damage the corporate culture of their company and cause some unease, the media explains. Also the staff is concerned about the Tron’s influence on the elections of the nodes in the blockchain.



Justin Sun (Source: facebook.com/justinsuntron/)


The news about the BitTorrent acquisition caused controversy in the crypto community. According to one version, Sun plans to use the company's extensive customer base, which attracts 100 million users a month. Another version says he hopes to gain trust to his blockchain Tron this way.


A month earlier, Justin Sun acquired BitTorrent, the company which developed the same-name protocol, for $120 million, and became its sole owner, according to public documents. Prior to that, San worked at crypto company Ripple. In 2017, he founded the Tron blockchain project, and he was elected a super representative of the network in July this year. 


As previously reported, Ripple started to cooperate with Bittrex and two more crypto exchanges.

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