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Bitmain Company Presents WiFi Router-Miner

23:07 07/08/2018

The team of Bitmain, a Chinese mining equipment manufacturer, has announced the release of two new devices — the AntRouter R3 miners, designed for crypto coins Dash and Siacoin separately.


Initially, Bitmain was considered to be a company that produced ASIC chips specifically for bitcoins mining. But in a while, the founders of the company started investing heavily in the development and the design of hardware and software for cryptocurrency mining.


Despite the high producing capacity, the router costs $58. When the order is registered on the manufacturer's website, the router will be delivered within 10 days after the payment.


Some of the most powerful devices developed by Bitmaintech Ltd. are Antminer S9 and Antminer T9+. Their cost ranges from $535 to $625. But they have been criticized for centralizing the Bitcoin network, and as a result, for the possibility of monopolizing the mining.


The outstanding feature of the AntRouter R3 is that the device has not only a mining function, but also works as a WiFi router. The hash rate of the AntRouter R3 reaches up to 0.3 GHash/s (for Dash) and 11.54 GHash/s (for Siacoin). And its weight equals 0.6 kg without a package.


Currently, producing of new powerful miners depends on the difficulty of each block processing, due to which the speed of creating blocks slows down inevitably.

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