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Bitcoin Supporters Launch btcinformation.org

16:23 06/08/2018

Bitcoin supporters developed btcinformation.org in addition to Bitcoin.org, the existing website about the first cryptocurrency.


The developers claim that Bitcoin.org is a good resource, but the recent number of events has damaged its reputation. The administrators were making decisions without prior agreement with the community. As a result, many bitcoin enthusiasts who had made a significant contribution to the project decided to leave it. There are concerns that Bitcoin.org administrators can use the source for personal purposes.



There are no advertising and third-party trackers on btcinformation.org, David Harding, the bitcoin community representative, who contributed to the new website development, stated.


The new resource differs primarily through an updated design; there is no "Events" section, which covered bitcoin non-related topics; the Bitcoin Core section is not featured; the amount of JavaScript and cookies has been minimized, the developers have temporarily removed the "Donation" section, as it requires further development.


Earlier, Bobby Lee, the co-founder of the BTCC crypto exchange, suggested that Satoshi Nakamoto is a nickname for a group of three people, two from Australia and New Zealand and the third one from the US. The group was wary of operating publicly to avoid a possible negative reaction from the government. In the future, the bitcoin's price can reach a million dollars and even more, and the market volume is estimated at $200 trillion, according to Lee.

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  1. Steven Everett:
    08/07/18 at 10:36

    bitcoin's price can reach a million dollars
    that is bullshit
    I don't believe that btc will be have such price