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Bill Clinton: Blockchain Possibilities Are Staggeringly Great

16:00 02/10/2018

The 42nd President of the United States, Bill Clinton, appreciated the potential of blockchain technologies, calling their “permutations and possibilities” stunningly great. He stated this at the annual Swell conference in San Francisco, held at the Ripple’s initiative on September 1.


The former American leader and Gene Sperling, his economic advisor for the period of 1996-2001, discussed the issues on international policy regarding blockchain, cryptocurrency investments, and their use in banking, as well as cultural aspects of the crypto sphere.


Clinton is confident that the blockchain industry has the potential only because the technology can cross both national borders and those of various social groups. He added that its ability to be combined and changed is exceptional.


The ex-president spoke about blockchain in context of the global political situation. Clinton said that identity politics, as well as odds in economics and social policy, can have a detrimental effect on technological development.


Bill Clinton has already got some experience in the field of cryptocurrency. According to media reports, the former US head received one BTC as a gift from the venture investor and founder of a blockchain startup Bloq, Matthew Roszak, in 2016. At the same time, Hillary Clinton, wife of the ex-president, refused to accept bitcoins to raise funds during her presidential campaign.


Blockchain technologies are increasingly used in US government institutions. Recently, residents of West Virginia have got access to a mobile blockchain application, allowing to vote remotely for a candidate during elections to the Congress.

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