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Barclays Bank Denies Rumors On Crypto Services Introduction

14:09 08/08/2018

The team of Barclays, an international investment bank, announced that they will not create a crypto trading platform, despite the information that recently appeared in several traders’ profiles on LinkedIn, NewsBTC informs.


The report that two Barclays’ employees — Chris Tyler and Mattieu Jobbe Duval — began to work on a project of digital assets to bring the bank closer to the crypto market, appeared in the LinkedIn business network. According to the information on the personal pages of traders, Tyler managed the project, and Duval was a consultant on creating an integration strategy of the crypto trading platform into the Barclays infrastructure.


Later these profiles were deleted, and the Barclays representative denied quickly spread rumors about the bank's involvement in decentralized currencies in the comments to Business Insider, though he confirmed the traders did work in the bank.


Jeff Staley, the bank's CEO, is skeptical about cryptos and in May he explained the investors that the introduction of digital assets transactions was not a part of Barclays' plans. Also the organization's representative denied rumors about a possible cooperation with the Goldman Sachs bank for the development of decentralized markets.


As previously reported, the banking conglomerate Goldman Sachs considers the possibility of introducing a custodian depository to store digital currencies.

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What is it for?
  1. Kee Crafty:
    08/08/18 at 08:19

    intresting, will it have any influence to crypto market?

  2. JJ Robinson:
    08/08/18 at 11:51

    why did this bank let out such rumors ?