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Australian Crypto Company To Start Data-Center For Affordable Mining

23:07 10/08/2018

Australian company DC Two, providing services of hosting and cloud computing, and the cryptocurrency firm D Coin are jointly working on a so-called "behind the grid" project − a data-center based on renewable energy sources. One of its advantages is the maintenance of low-cost mining.


The companies have already established an agreement with the consulting firm Hadouken Pte. According to it, the firm will provide DC Two with power and property to create the network of processing and storing data. The site is located in Collie, Western Australia. The same place where the solar power plant of Hadouken is situated.


DC Two representatives stressed that the choice of the location to set the site gives a number of priorities. First of all, it will allow them to get a significant competitive ability in the international market. Secondly, the center will be in demand among local coal mines and energy generators.


Furthermore, the companies are going to provide affordable hosting, designed to support the crypto mining. Totally, the mining configuration will use the entire power capacity of the center. It’s 4 MW. Hence, it will be able to produce 650 bitcoins per year, which equals about $ 4.4 million. This opportunity has attracted attention of both local and international crypto communities.


According to DC Two’s suggestion, the first stage of the solar power plant and data center will be put into operation in early 2019.


Miners spend enormous funds to reimburse electricity consumption. Therefore, one of the first criteria while choosing a mining farm is the reasonable use of energy resources.

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