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Driving Licenses To Be Added To Blockchain In Australia

Published: 10/09/2018

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What is it for?

The government of New South Wales in Australia will begin the implementation of the state pilot project on the issuance of driving licenses on blockchain, CoinDesk reports citing local media.


The pilot program will be launched in November. 140,000 drivers of the state will participate, and it is expected to implement its full-fledged launch in 2019. A technology partner of the program is the IT company Secure Logic, which will ensure data security on blockchain.


Blockchain called TrustGrid has already been tested for three months in the city of Dubbo, and the organizers now invite residents of seven more settlements in New South Wales to participate in the program.


Drivers' personal data will be stored in the distributed ledger, which will spare car owners of having to carry an identification card. Not only the police will be able to identify a motorist through a mobile application - this option will be available in stores, bars or clubs.


The initiative of the state authorities became a reaction to the law adopted in May, which allowed to digitize the residents' data, including through blockchain. In general, all such solutions are part of the government program Digital Economy, which provides for the introduction of distributed ledger technology in different manufacturing industries.


As previously reported, the Federal Agency of Australia is developing a blockchain that will enable companies to conduct business transactions through a system of smart contracts meeting legal requirements.

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