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Company Buddy Deploys Blockchain App On EOSIO Network

18:32 03/10/2018

Startup Buddy has developed a blockchain-based eponymous app for the EOSIO network, which will significantly simplify the implementation of smart contracts. The representatives of Block.one, the EOS blockchain developer, informed the public about it in Twitter.


Simon Szczepankowski, executive director at Buddy, provided a detailed description of blockchain app Buddy in the EOSIO blog. The idea was born when the blockchain revolution began, and the startup decided to become part of it and customized its platform to support decentralized applications.


Buddy allows to automate the process of creating and deploying EOSIO applications. Launching smart contracts in blockchain will be easier, thus allowing developers to save a lot of time. With Buddy, access to the interface will be facilitated, and the product is ideal for EOS Global hackathons.


Behind the creation of the product is a group of twenty people with long-term experience. The representatives of the company state that the majority of its employees are developers who create solutions for another developers. Google, Amazon Web Services, and Github have acclaimed startup Buddy and its achievements in this industry.


The company's cooperation with EOSIO will be based on a long-term basis. Buddy keeps abreast of all events related to changes in the EOSIO blockchain and responds to them in a timely manner. Therefore, in the future, the Buddy team will continue to help developers quickly build the best decentralized EOS applications.


As previously reported, Brendan Blumer, the head of Block.one, agreed with the claims against the voting nodes.

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