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Hackers Discover Serious Vulnerabilities In Monero Code

Published: 02/08/2018

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What is it for?

Monero developers organized a HackerOne campaign to detect vulnerabilities in the code of their currency. During the check, hackers managed to identify several rather serious bugs.


TheNextWeb reported that one of the detected system features allowed intruders to steal money directly from the accounts of crypto exchanges. The experienced hackers managed to outsmart the exchange representatives and withdraw the amount, which significantly exceeded the remaining balance, by copying one of the lines of the open Monero code.


Another bug made possible a DDoS attack, during which the main active nodes could lose access to the network, which would make it inaccessible to users. All bugs extended not only to the coin itself but also to another cryptocurrency, based on their token.


The development team reacted promptly and eliminated all the found shortcomings.


As previously reported, the experts of the Montero crypto platform introduced the version 1.0.0 Hello World of the MyMonero wallet for PCs.

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  1. L_PERRY:
    08/03/18 at 07:40

    haha, sh...t! Monero is good sourse of money for intruders!!!