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WhenHub is an ecosystem of decentralized applications (dApps) that will help users to get in touch with experts from different projects using video calls, text messages, audio calls, or in-person meetings. The applications are based on the Ethereum blockchain, and it makes consultations quick and easy, without any need for additional paper agreements or accounting confirmations. The consultation fee is transferred to the expert's account automatically with the help of smart contracts.

White paper

What does Whenhub do?

The system developed by WhenHub allows to connect a user, seeking advice, recommendation, or consultation, with an expert who is ready to provide such assistance, directly.

Smart contract automatically transfers the payment to the consultant's account, bypassing the approval stage and paper agreements.

The interface makes the process as simple as possible for both sides.

Project features

WhenHub combines a system, allowing to receive full-fledged expert advice at any time convenient in any accessible language, with a system for their promotion, allowing users to learn about expert services. With WhenHub Interface Network and a service called WhenSense, advertising information will be distributed to all websites connected to the system.

The system of guarantee payments protects both experts and users from consultation terms violation as smart contract automates payments and observance of deadlines.

The system provides payment options of both fixed wages per hour and an auction allowing users to make their offers.


Quin Harker

Co-founder/Chief Executive Officer

Scott Adams

Co-founder/Chief Strategy Officer

Nik Kalyani

Co-founder/Chief Technology Officer


Jonathan Sheely

Chief Architect

Cornelius Kruger

Mobile Engineer

Traci Fong

Web Developer

Ralph Williams

UX Engineer

Bridget Cash

Content Specialist/QA Tester

Michele Hyndman

Marketing Specialist

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    May 19, 2018

    ICO stages:
    • Token:WHEN
    • Price:$0.25
    • Bonus:------
    • Bounty:No
    • Platform:Ethereum
    • Accepting:BTC; ETH; CreditCard
    • Minimum investment:------
    • Soft cap:$35,000,000
    • Hard cap:$40,000,000
    • Country:USA
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