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ViValid is a blockchain-based service for valuing antiquities and art objects. An independent evaluation of unrelated experts makes it possible to evaluate an item as accurately as possible without speculations and manipulations. Validators are the ViValid participants, who are experts in various knowledge areas. For their services, validators receive payment in ViV tokens. The payment amount depends on the expert's level of knowledge. The more knowledge an expert has, the more tokens they receives and the more accurate their evaluation is.

White paper

ViValid is a project for evaluation of collectible items created in the form of web and mobile applications. The independence of an expert opinion is guaranteed by blockchain technology.


Each platform participant can be either an expert, or a user who pays others for evaluation. The ViV token, which is the local currency, is used as a means of payment.


The reliability of services is guaranteed by the following features:


  • There is no communication among users.
  • Anonymity of participants.
  • A rating system for assessing the work.
  • Five steps of evaluation.


In-depth evaluation (2-5 level) is more expensive, but it allows to involve narrow-profile specialists who confirm their qualification. The payment is done automatically by using a smart contract.


The open source platform prototypes are available for everyone.

The total amount of ViV tokens is 200 million, 70% of them will be available for sale during the ICO.



Marius Kunigas

Legal Consultant

Wojciech Skowronski

Project Consultant

Damian Panecki

Project Consultant

Naviin Kapoor

Blockchain Expert


Emilian Semczak

CEO, Founder

Sebastian Zerniak

COO, Founder

Daniel Zaczyk

CFO, Founder

Michal Susek

Head of Sales and Marketing

Adam Komorowski

Technical Team Manager

Igor Solodovnik

Head of Legal

Adam Machnicki

Tech Lead

Piotr Chacinski

Project Manager

Fares Antionio Akel

Smart Contract Developer

Henrik Kromann

Collectors Community Liaison

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    July 18, 2018

    July 18, 2018

    ICO stages:
    • Token:ViV
    • Price:0.0006 ETH
    • Bonus:5-40%
    • Bounty:Yes
    • Platform:Ethereum
    • Accepting:ETH
    • Minimum investment:0.1 ETH
    • Soft cap:20,000,000 ViV
    • Hard cap:140,000,000 ViV
    • Country:Estonia
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