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V-ID provides document validation and data notarization.

White paper


The V-ID validation service uses blockchain technology to end document fraud.


Our client base, with customers like Airbus Defence & Space, operates in various fields, including education, medical, research and tech. V-ID has an operational MVP with active clients. You can visit the MVP on https://www.v-id.org


As an existing company specialized in secure communication tools, V-ID is a supplier of API's that can seamlessly integrate blockchain validation services into any other system or platform. In this way V-ID is transforming into a market leader in file fraud protection and data notarization, just like SSL has become for secure internet connections.


V-ID tokens will serve as a native payment system for validation and the sale event allows you to buy V-ID tokens with significant bonuses. Furthermore we can guarantee exchange listing through our partnership with Alterdax.


The market for file protection is tremendous and cybersecurity is becoming a growing priority. V-ID offers the most practical, inexpensive and fail-safe solution.


Bastiaan Oosterman


Magnus Dufwa


Dr. Alan Whitfield


Willem-Jan Smits


Camiel Vermeulen


Chris Robinson



Wico van Helden


Marnix van den Berg

Lead Development

Pim Voets

Lead Concept Design

Ceciel van Helden

Lead Programming

Wil van Groesen

Lead Engineering

Thijs Calkhoven

Lead Product Management

Edwin van der Lee

Lead Customer Support

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    January 1, 2019

    January 1, 2019

    ICO stages:
    • Token:V-ID (VIDT)
    • Price:$ 0.20
    • Bonus:Yes
    • Bounty:Yes
    • Platform:Ethereum
    • Accepting:ETH, BTC, EUR, USD
    • Minimum investment:$ 50
    • Soft cap:1 000 000 USD
    • Hard cap:8 000 000 USD
    • Country:Netherlands
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