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Thrive creates a decentralized advertising platform, based on the smart contract technology, which provides the ability to make fast and secure payments in a completely transparent environment. Since the system does not provide mediators, advertisers can consider the most profitable offers with minimal commissions, and consumers will receive a reward for disseminating information and visiting websites within the network.

White paper

The Thrive team creates a decentralized advertising service that allows all its users to benefit.

Thrive’s opperation is built on smart contracts. The use of blockchain allows to achieve complete security and openness: a reliable mechanism used to evaluate project reputation allows to assess the degree of the website reliability and possibilities for advertising placement, protecting brands from reputational attacks. Evaluations are formed in accordance with professional industry reviews. Smart contracts directly connect advertisers and platforms for placing advertising information, excluding any mediators; thus the project plans to significantly reduce advertising costs of companies and simultaneously boost their promotion.


System decentralization ensures that all websites that accept ads for placement have equal rights within common market conditions. They can improve their work and content, get a rating in the system and attract new advertisers based on feedback on the results of the cooperation. According to representatives of the service, commissions will remain very low, from 7% to 10%. Unlike commissions of existing services that serve as mediators for placing advertisements (they average from 32% to 49%), such payment will create additional opportunities for advertisers and make the market more dynamic.



Dr.Joseph F. Borg

Advocate, currently a Senior Advisor to WH Partners

Urs Wälchli

PhD, Finance Professor

James Catania

CEO at Intelliblock

Andre Siegert


Charles Attard

Owner Jauanfil Consultant LTD

Tarek Siddiki

Security Advisor


Cataldo Franzone

Chief Technology Officer

Giuseppe Calabrò

Chief Operating Officer

Viviana Carcione

Chief Marketing Officer

Giuseppe Scordino

Chief Strategy Officer

Alessandro Santoro

Computer Science Engineer

Gaetano Nuciforo

Blockchain Expert - Smart Contract

Rosamaria Chillemi

Social media manager

Gianfranco Ciaurella

Community manager

Hokumdar Hasanov

Consultant - Russian Community Manager

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    February 15, 2018

    February 15, 2018

    ICO stages:
    • Token:THRT
    • Price:$0.31
    • Bonus:----
    • Bounty:Yes
    • Platform:Ethereum
    • Accepting:ETH
    • Minimum investment:1000 THRT
    • Soft cap:----
    • Hard cap:$30,835,800
    • Country:Malta
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