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MyFDS is the first fantasy sports app based on blockchain. MyFDS is implemented as an application for the web and iOS / Android mobile devices. In fact, this is a simulation game of popular team sports: football, basketball, hockey. Application users can create their own teams of real existing players, play for different sport leagues and communities, and hire another customers. The MyFDS token is used as an internal currency for transactions.

White paper

Fantasy sport is a fast-growing direction in the game sphere, and MyDFS is the first fantasy sports blockchain-based application. Blockchain allows the creators to reach a new level, while users can use all the advantages of the decentralized network.


The MyDFS application users can take part in games and competitions including world and regional championships. The application game data is constantly updated and synchronized with information about sport events in the real world.


The application users get the following options:


  • Recruiting teams of real players and other app users.
  • Play for the chosen team and participate in the championships.
  • Compete with other users and participate in a rating system.
  • Manage the team.


The MYDFS token is based on ERC20 and used for internal transactions. A total amount of tokens is 125 million.



Yobie Benjamin


Frank Kan Fu


Akin Babayigit


Simone Giacomelli


Eduard Gurinovich


Bennett Carroll



Viktor Mangazeev


Anastasia Shvetsova

Chief Communications Officer

Alex Kireev

Lead Backend Developer

Polina Polosukhina

Head of Customer Relations

Denis Polyakov

Android Developer

Vlad Zotov

Android Developer

Kirill Pyulzyu

iOS Developer

Anastasia Golikova

Project Manager

Slava Tsurka

Backend Developer

Artem Mekhmedov

Backend Developer

Dmitriy Korol

Frontend Developer

Alexei Rudakov

iOS Developer

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    October 15, 2018

    October 15, 2018

    ICO stages:
    • Token:MYDFS
    • Price:1 USD
    • Bonus:10-25%
    • Bounty:No
    • Platform:Ethereum
    • Accepting:ETH, BTC, ZEC, ETC, BCH, LTC
    • Minimum investment:100 USD
    • Soft cap:4,000,000 USD
    • Hard cap:20,000,000 USD
    • Country:Ireland
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