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Mobigraph creates a decentralized platform for selling emoji, stickers, and other “emotional” content created by users. PEP (Personalized Expressive Platform) will allow participants to use their own images for integration into other services and to easily create, edit and share bright, emotional, and unique content without commissions or hidden fees.

White paper

PEP Network brings together authors, buyers, developers, and companies that provide computer power for image rendering. Combining this with the new decentralized blockchain-based rendering protocol, PEP Network plans to enter the content market to personalize services, applications, and interfaces.


PEP Network is designed to ensure that personalized content (dynamic emojis, stickers, and other visual objects for users) can appear in as many applications and services as possible. It is not just about developing such images, but also about their streaming processing when integrating with applications and services.


The project presents a new blockchain-based protocol for image rendering and solving internal tasks that require computing capacities. Any user with free computing capacities will be able to join PEP Network and make a profit; even an average smartphone, not to mention more powerful devices, will do. Farmers, providing their equipment for this kind of lease, become the core of the new system, providing a low rendering cost.





Eduard Dzhamgaryan

Strategic,Marketing & Crypto Advisor

Andrey Verbitsky

Token Economy Architect

Mark Lin

Cloud & Security Advisor Infrastructure Manager at EverString

Marc Richardson

Advisor on Brand Partnerships GM at Kika Tec

B Dweik

Business Strategy Advisor Director of Marketing Lattice SemiConducto


Udayakumar Kadirvel

CEO & Co-Founder

Siddhartha Vinnakote

CTO & Co-Founder

Sujith kumar C R

Chief Strategist & Co-Founder

Subrhmanyam A S

CPO & Co-Founder

Rakesh Nanda

Creative Director

Govind Malehithlu


Palanikumar Thangapandian

Cloud Expert & Blockchain Geek

Sanjeeth Boloor

Head of Marketing

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    May 30, 2018

    May 30, 2018

    ICO stages:
    • Token:PEP
    • Price:$ 0.1
    • Bonus:----
    • Bounty:No
    • Platform:Ethereum
    • Accepting:BTC; ETH
    • Minimum investment:----
    • Soft cap:----
    • Hard cap:$ 30,000,000
    • Country:Cayman Island
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