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Humancoin is a blockchain-based platform for charitable fundraising. This is the first project that combines charity, e-commerce and blockchain technology. Humancoin founders want to increase the number of donations and establish trust between philanthropists and charity communities.

White paper

Humancoin creators pursue a global goal to create the world's first aggregator of charity projects and loyalty programs. Initially, the website is intended to unite philanthropists and charity funds that need to raise money. The use of blockchain technology allows doing it quickly and transparently, without the participation of intermediaries.


Humancoin features:


  • Online tracking of donations from senders to recipients.
  • The rating system for evaluating charitable projects.
  • The legal registration of donations (for tax payers).
  • Integration with other services and participation in bonus programs.


In the future, HUMA, Humancoin’s tokens, will be optionally converted into the internal currencies of partners’ projects, such as air miles, bonus points, coupons, etc. Thus, Humancoin users will be able to take part in the bonus programs of the partners.


The initial amount of HUMA tokens is 6 million. 3,055 million of them will be sold during the ICO. The company plans to additionally issue tokens to distribute them among participants in accordance with the Proof-of-Charity principle. 50% of donated funds will be returned to users in the form of HUMA tokens.



Marcus Campbell

Platform Development Advisor

David Rippon

Charity IT Advisor

Paul Cliffe

Family Office Crypto Advisor

Rob Virkar-Yates

Digital and brand marketing Advisor

Anas I. Mahmud

Fundraising and Legal Advisor

Reinhard Berger

Investments Advisor

Ong Jun Hao (CryptoJH)

Marketing and Exchanges Advisor

Dr. Jay (Jangwoo) Lee

Marketing Advisor

Marco Calicchia

Community Management Advisor

Prof Simon Choi

Token Sale Legal Advisor

Yuko Nakatsumi

Marketing and Fundraising Advisor


Giles Gailer


Kate Bublik


Aravinda Babu

Blockchain and Smart Contracts Expert

Kai Hsia

Senior Software Engineer

Nathan van de Ven

Community and Project manager

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    September 15, 2018

    September 15, 2018

    ICO stages:
    • Token:HUMA
    • Price:0.01 USD
    • Bonus:20-50%
    • Bounty:Yes
    • Platform:Ethereum
    • Accepting:ETH
    • Minimum investment:0.1 ETH
    • Soft cap:6,000,000 USD
    • Hard cap:26,000,000 USD
    • Country:United Kingdom
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