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GigTricks is a blockchain-powered platform for customers and vendors. The cooperation among participants gets along with the principle of on-demand economy: the order is created online, but is carried out offline. The platform allows working with remote employees and freelancers. The use of blockchain technology helps build long-term and reliable relationships between parties.

White paper

The creators of GigTricks call their project an ecosystem for cooperation. Blockchain technology guarantees the transparency of working environment.


GigTricks users can work remotely and receive salary in accordance with their professional level. Vendors have to take a test to get their skills assessed, and the results of the test will be displayed in a user profile in the form of a rating.


For their services, users will receive GBTC tokens, which is an internal cryptocurrency of the GigTricks platform, based on the open protocol ERC20.


GBTC tokens will also be used to reward and encourage active participants. All transactions on the platform are performed with the use of smart contracts. There will be a separate category of the users who hold more than 10,000 GBTC. These premium members will have an expanded set of functions and statistics of the profile visits.


The total number of tokens to issue is 1 billion. 25% of them will be available during the ICO, while 5% will be realized during the Bounty program.



Simon Cocking


Nathan Christian


Drs. E. (Edwin) Van Den Berg


J. (Joppe) Sikma


Labib Farag Labib



Amir Shaikh

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Omair Latif

Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer

Sadiq Hameed

Co-founder & Chief Blockchain Officer

Waseem Akbar

Regional Director Western Markets

Babar Ahsan

Business Intelligence (BI) Director

Abdul Jabbar

Regional Director Eastern Markets

Anwar Ahmed

Data Analytics Project Manager

Omer Javed

Project Director

Zubair Ahmed

Project Director

Fahmi Maroof

Customer Relationship Manager

Ibrahim Ali

Senior Developer

Sana Siddiqui

Content Manager

Zubair Khan

UI / UX Creative Manager

Muhammad Haseeb

Seo Manager

Mohsin Butt

Senior Developer

Muhammad Samir

Senior Developer

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    September 1, 2018

    September 1, 2018

    ICO stages:
    • Token:GBTC
    • Price:0.248 USD
    • Bonus:5-75%
    • Bounty:Yes
    • Platform:Ethereum
    • Accepting:ETH, BTC, fiat currencies
    • Minimum investment:100 USD
    • Soft cap:2,500,000 USD
    • Hard cap:35,000,000 USD
    • Country:Gibraltar
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