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DeNet changes a habitual view on data storage and creates an alternative to traditional cloud services within a concept of sharing economy that has already proved its necessity in many fields of life. 


DeNet develops a technology that will let mobilize and efficiently use excess capacities of existing IT-infrastructure on a global scale: millions of personal computers their owners use rarely or do not use to the full capacity.

White paper

One year has passed since we stepped on DeNet path. In 2017 we launched the first version of http distributed hosting - https://alpha.denet.pro/


We worked hard to achieve the goals we specified in RoadMap during this year. And this is what we have by now:


  • Own Ethereum Testnet
  • Micro-payments on blockchain
  • Updated smart-contracts of tasks
  • Own protocol of communication between nodes
  • Beta-version of DeNet.Storage data storage that is anonymous, safe and cheap - https://storage.denet.pro/landing/


Each member of a network can upload his data to a distributed network of miners: DeNet.Storage. Registration is very simple: create a new account or import an existing one. No logins, email and more. Only a private key that is kept in your browser.


Node App Alpha-version – an app for renting capacities out (available for Linux and Mac OS. Windows-version is on the way) - https://denet.pro/denet-node/


Now you can install a node for mining DNET tokens and become a public/verifying node within DeNet network.


You need a PC with 256 mb RAM and internet with a speed of 1 mbit/s minimum. Now a public app is available for Mac OS, versions for Linux and Windows are on their way.


Join us, earn on idle capacities of your computer, and become part of DeNet community!


Now we have an app for miners and an app for users; that’s why we work on expanding the audience and improvement of services for DNET token is used as much as possible within our network.


Tokens value increases with growing demand on services within DeNet network. It means that the same amount of tokens will let you get more services tomorrow than it used to be yesterday.


Jim Blasko

Advisor, Aspire, USA

Simon Cocking

Advisor, Irish Tech News, Ireland

Dave Carlson

Advisor, Microsoft, USA

Andrei Kulik

Advisor, Google, Switzerland

Vasily Sumanov

Advisor, Cointelegraph, Russia


Rafik Singatullin


Olga Belonozhko


Amir Malikov

Business development Asia

Maria Titova


Denis Shelestov


Iskander Nizamov

Project Manager

Danis Sabitov

Core Developer, backend, security

Adil Amirov

Core Developer, backend, security

Faeel Zaripov

Core Developer, backend, security

Anton Polikasov

Core Developer, devops, miner-apps

Ramazan Mardigallyamov

UX/UI designer

Meret Danatarov

Front-end Developer

Doro Umarov

Core Developer, backend

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    October 15, 2018

    October 15, 2018

    ICO stages:
    • Token:DNET
    • Price:0.035 USD
    • Bonus:----
    • Bounty:----
    • Platform:Ethereum
    • Accepting:BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC
    • Minimum investment:There is no minimum entry threshold
    • Soft cap:3,000,000 USD
    • Hard cap:24,500,000 USD
    • Country:Hong Kong
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