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Coupit is an affiliation platform with transparent operation principles based on the NEO blockchain. Decentralization of algorithms allows to get rid of mediator’s presence between digital commercial projects and affiliate partners registered on the platform. This changes the entire system operation completely, starting from the commission charging process for the affiliate services and ending with goods purchase and selling by users.

White paper

Coupit intends to create a new blockchain-based marketing platform. In the long term, this means a complete change in the mechanisms of obtaining rewards for affiliates and building sales channels for companies.


What does Coupit plan to become?

Coupit offers not only an affiliation program, it also implements rewards for attracting traffic into the crypto ecosystem. Therefore, a single electronic trading platform, accessible anywhere in the world, is being established.


Until today there was no comprehensive solution in this area. The project team is going to create a safe and easy-to-use product based on the NEO blockchain, thus simplifying the cryptocurrency payments integration.


For merchants, Coupit offers the option to track analytics in a personal profile in order to check interactions with customers on their pages and collect comprehensive statistics on all activities.

In addition to a separate cryptocurrency wallet application, the company is going to develop an application for a global trading platform, around which the entire project ecosystem is being built. The focus is on mobile application users.


Chris Dudley

CTO & System Architect

Andrew Hamilton

CEO & Founder

Robert Tauler

Legal Counsel

Eric Galen

Influencer Relations & Brand Development

Joel Garcia

Blockchain Expert

John McAfee

Marketing & Cybersecurity Consultant

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    May 26, 2018

    May 26, 2018

    ICO stages:
    • Token:COUP
    • Price:$0.08
    • Bonus:----
    • Bounty:No
    • Platform:NEO
    • Accepting:USD; NEO; BTC
    • Minimum investment:----
    • Soft cap:----
    • Hard cap:----
    • Country:USA
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