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At coinolix together with our team we are developing the first multifunctional cryptocurrency exchange ecosystem by combining a robust exchange platform and a decentralized blockchain protocol in which digital tokens are pegged to One US Dollar and backed by asset reserve as gold by Coinolix Exchange Limited to provide a decentralized method of exchanging value through our Fiat pegged Coinamia coin.

White paper

Coinolix is a multifunctional cryptocurrency exchange ecosystem by combining a robust crypto asset exchange platform. High number of trade requests can be countered with the adaptable & extensible engine in a matter of moments. Coinolix exchange follows a best practice by keeping the majority of the asset reserve in cold storage, which is not present on the web server or any other computer to secure users fund on exchange wallet. Exchange services includes Spot market trading, Margin trading, Futures market trades. We will provide cross-platform Device Coverage on all browser-based trading platform, Android & IOS device platform, PC (Windows, Mac, Linux) trading platform, REST API. "Zero" trading fees for CLX token Holders* & also get the huge benefit of token buyback & burning program. 24/7 Customer service with faster response time to resolve customer's problems. Earn tokens by doing promotional activitie on coinolix website.


Miikka Saloseutu

Marketing Advisor

Carlo Buonpane

Marketing Advisor

Asif Iqbal

ICO Advisor


Prasanna Puniwala

Founder & CEO

Rajesh Vora

Co-Founder and CTO

Shiv Bhagat Co

Founder and Operation Director

Saeek Momin

Management Head & strategic planner

Premal Bhagatji

Content Manager

Marketing Director

Dhaval Bhagatji

Shivang Jariwala

Business Development Officer

Joy Jariwala

Community Manager

Bhavesh Pandav

Senior PR manager

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    October 8, 2018

    October 8, 2018

    ICO stages:
    • Token:CLX
    • Price:0.25 USD
    • Bonus:Yes
    • Bounty:Yes
    • Platform:Ethereum
    • Accepting:BTC, ETH, LTC, NEO, DASH, XRP
    • Minimum investment:500 USD
    • Soft cap:15000 ETH
    • Hard cap:277777 ETH
    • Country:Estonia
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